Tea Grade Powder


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100% Wild American Ginseng ~ 5 to 15+ Years Old ~ 100% Natural & Organic

Tea Grade Powder produced from the finest 100% Wild American Ginseng roots from the esteemed Appalachian Mountains.

Selection of younger roots (5 to 15+ years) results in a more mild effect.

Organic and Natural, our Wild American Ginseng grows free from pesticides and fertilizers commonly used in farm-grown, cultivated ginseng.

Benefit Indications & Effects:

Supports Immune System
Helps Boost Energy
Fortifies the Body
Reduces Side-Effects of Radio & Chemo Therapy Treatments
Improves Cognitive Ability & Memory Retention
Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Balance
Accelerates Recovery from Fatigue
Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Increases Metabolism
Supports Fertility Functions
Enhances Holistic Vitality
Promotes Anti-Aging
…and much, much more.