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Who is "AG"?
American Ginseng "AG" is an established global leader and supplier of Wild American Ginseng. As a 3rd generation family owned and operated business, AG has been supplying the highest quality Wild American Ginseng in the industry to domestic and international markets for over 90 years.

We value long-lasting relationships and take the time to understand our customers' needs. At AG, we pride ourselves in providing unmatched services and supplying the highest quality Wild American Ginseng.

What are the benefits of Wild American Ginseng?
Wild American Ginseng is widely renouned for its ability to support the immune system, boost energy levels and fortify the body. The Mayo Clinic has performed studies and clinical trials, which have found that American Ginseng has the ability to significantly reduce the fatigue in patients suffering from cancer.

Over 1 billion people take ginseng every day and are feeling the positive effects on their body. Taking ginseng is a wholistic approach to strengthening your body. Studies by the Mayo Clinic have found best results are obtained with 60 days of continual use and have found no side effects.

Benefit Indications & Effects include, but are not limited to:
Supports immune system
Helps boost energy and accelerates recovery from fatigue
Reduces side-effects of radio and chemo therapy treatments
Improves cognitive ability and memory retention
Promotes healthy blood sugar balance
Increases metabolism
Supports fertility functions
Fortifies the body and promotes anti-aging

Is this truly Wild American Ginseng?
Yes, at AG we strive to provide the highest quality Wild American Ginseng available at the lowest possible price. AG focuses our sourcing to regions that are known for producing the best quality; rather than regions known for commercial quality.

What is the difference between Wild and Cultivated/Farm-Grown Ginseng?
Wild American Ginseng is far superior to other forms of ginseng. Wild American Ginseng is organic and naturally grown. Wild American Ginseng thrives in nature, typically averaging 15 to 30 years old. The result is a root that possesses extremely high ginsenoside value. Ginsenosides are the active component of ginseng; Wild American Ginseng possesses a higher number of ginsenosides as well as higher concentrations of ginsenosides. Visually, Wild American Ginseng will have stress rings encircling the root, showing the root’s fortitute as it survived in nature.

Cultivated Ginseng, also known as Farm-Grown, such as that from Wisconsin and Canada cannot possess the same strength and potency as Wild American Ginseng. These farms focus on cultivating the largest quantity possible in the shortest amount of time. To do this, heavy doses of fertilizers and pesticides are applied to the plants and contaminate the roots. Cultivated Ginseng is typically harvested at 2 to 3 years old, creating a large but weak root, lacking in potency of ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are the active component of ginseng; Cultivated Ginseng possesses a lower number of ginsenosides as well as lower concentrations of ginsenosides. Visually, Cultivated Ginseng will be very smooth, showing how quickly and easily the root grew in it’s man-made environment.

What are the differences between the regions (i.e. North Carolina, Virginia)?
As AG focuses on sourcing from the highest quality regions, nutritionally the roots from each region are similar. The differences in regions, which comes from the natural growing conditions such as the soil and mountain elevation, is evident in the roots size, shape and taste.

Regions such as North Carolina and Northern Pennsylvania, produce a higher percentage of larger sized roots. In addition, there is a higher percentage of thick, chunky shaped roots.

Regions such as Virginia and West Virginia, produce more of a medium sized root. In addition, the root shape tends to be long and straight.

What is the difference between Medicine Grade and Tea Grade Powder?
Our Medicine Grade Powder is produced using roots that are 15 to 50+ years old. The older roots are more potent and contain a higher number and concentration of ginsenosides.

Our Tea Grade Powder is produced using roots that are 5 to 15 years old. This results in a more mild effect compared to our Medicine Grade Powder.

What is the difference between AG 100 and Medicine Grade Capsules?
Both products contain our 100% Medicine Grade Wild American Ginseng Powder and are encapsulated with Vegetable capsules.

AG 100 is GMP Manufactured by an FDA approved laboratory and adheres to strict standards for quality assurance and uniformity.

Medicine Grade Capsules are handcrafted following traditional techniques passed down through generations; it is an art form requiring extreme skill and attention.

How should Fresh Wild American Ginseng be stored?
We package our Fresh Wild American Ginseng with our customers in mind. As such, simply open the sealed package upon receipt and store in refridgeration. We do not recommend freezing Fresh Wild American Ginseng as it can cause the ginseng to soften upon thawing. However, many of our customers do freeze their ginseng to extend the shelf life.


How long does order processing and shipping take?
At AG, we strive to ship orders the same day or the next day. Occasionally, due to order volumes or availability, there may be a small delay.

Please note: due to the fragile nature of Fresh Wild American Ginseng, we ship Monday-Thursday; this allows for delivery Tuesday-Saturday. We do not ship Fresh Wild American Ginseng on Fridays, in order to avoid the order sitting an extra day (Sunday) at the shipping facility.

Why do you charge shipping fees?
Shipping rates are calculated directly from FedEx and USPS based on the package’s weight, dimensions, distance of delivery, plus a small handling fee. AG strives to provide the lowest possible prices for our products and even reduces product prices whenever possible. Rather than subsidizing the cost of shipping by increasing product prices, AG opts for a transparent pricing system.

Why do prices fluctuate for products?
The Wild American Ginseng market is affected by several factors. Prices will fluctuate, both up and down, throughout the season. Typically, the lowest prices are seen in September with higher prices October through December. The higher prices typically correspond with an increased percentage of older and larger roots being harvested as the plant tops of the younger and smaller roots winterize faster.

We keep our pricing inline with our sourcing cost, frequently updating the Online Store pricing throughout the season. When we are able to source for a lower cost, we immediately reduce our prices in order to pass the savings on to our valued customers.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we are happy to offer tiered discounted pricing for orders starting at 5+ pounds. The larger the order size, the larger the discount available. Please Contact Us for discounted pricing on pricing. In addition, we periodically offer Sales on our products via our Online Store.

What is the return policy?
Due to the nature of our products and concern for our customers safety, we do not accept returns except in the event that the wrong item was shipped. Because of this, we take extra care and precautions in packaging each order to ensure quality and accuracy.

What is the cancellation policy?
As payment processing fees are non-refundable, there is a 10% order cancellation fee. We strive to answer any and all questions that customers may have; if you have questions, please contact us prior to placing an order and we will be happy to assist.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we are a licensed exporter and ship internationally. As part of our service, we handle all export requirements including CITES inspections, certifications, and arranging air-freight. Please Contact Us for orders to be shipped internationally.