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**Sold out for the 2023 season.**

Rootlets: general character 5-15 years old, growth bud and fiber roots intact, ideal for transplanting.

Wild American Ginseng rootlets for transplanting from the esteemed Appalachian Mountains. These rootlets are ideal for replanting as they are extremely fresh, have the next season’s growth bud intact, and typically between 5 to 10 years old. At this age, the roots are quickly able to adapt to new soil conditions.

Note: Our rootlets are Certified Wild. Per Federal regulations, the minimum age to harvest wild roots is 5 years old. If others are selling rootlets less than 5 years old, the rootlets are not truly wild – don’t settle for inferior rootlets, choose genuine wild rootlets.

Packaged in moss to preserve freshness.


*Product pictures are representative of roots produced from region. Actual roots may vary.