Medicine Grade Powder


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Medicine Grade Powder created from older wild American ginseng roots for increased potency.
100% Wild American Ginseng ~ 15 to 50+ years old ~ 100% Natural & Organic

Benefit Indications & Effects:
Enhances the body’s immune system and function
Boosts energy and accelerates the recovery of fatigue

Increases metabolism
Reduces stress and anxiety
Ability to lower blood glucose and increase insulin (Type II Diabetes)
Improves cognitive ability and memory retention
Supports fertility functions
Significantly reduces side effects of radio/chemo therapy during cancer treatments
Helps inhibit cancer cells
Regulates blood pressure in prevention of arteriosclerosis and stroke

Promotes anti-aging
Young, smooth skin
…and much, much more.

Our Medicine Grade Powder is produced from the finest 100% wild American ginseng roots from the esteemed Appalachian Mountain regions. This wild American ginseng has been skillfully hand dug from deep within the forests, where it naturally grew in the wilderness. As a result, it possesses a higher potency and a higher number of ginsenosides. Our wild American ginseng is organic and natural, having grown free from pesticides and fertilizers, which are commonly used in cultivated ginseng.